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The Themed Designs & Stories

Our 2, 5, and 7 page puzzle books are available in 5 different themed stories:

Da Vinci

The story follows the apprentice in Da Vinci's Workshop who encounters the same Codex. However in the story the Codex acts as a trap set by Da Vinci to capture any would be spies/snoopy apprentices in order to protect his work. The only way to escape is to solve each of the puzzles before the master returns from his trip.


A spirit awakens after death and must find their way to eternal peace with Osiris. All while avoiding the dreaded Second Death where ones soul is destroyed thus ending your life. Based off the Book of Two Ways the spirit must overcome lakes of fire populated by The Knife Wielders, the slippery paths of Rostau, and the weighing of ones heart where if found wanting “the gobbler” will grant a gruesome Second Death. Even then the spirit must pass through other obstacles in a search for Osiris’s sarcophagus to be granted eternal life at His court.


A family heirloom holds the secret to the end of the world. The hero discovers that the Mayan “short calendar” was not a reset of days but rather the true countdown to the end times! Once this revelation becomes clear creation avatars visit the hero to explain if they can “recreate” the four creation myths the calendar may be reset for another 10.000 years. As the hero sets out on their quest the Mayan God of the Dead, Ah Puch, has other ideas…


A harried undergrad working at the Miskatonic University is sent into the cob web filled corner of a basement to retrieve requested artifacts. They accidently discover a Codex of unknown origin. The Codex is not listed in the MU holdings so they spirit it away. Soon strange things begin to occur – dreams of strange lands and creatures forcing them to complete a blasphemous act. An act which comes ever closer with every puzzle solved. Never sure if they are awake or dreaming the only constant is the terror of being chased and not knowing where the destination lies.


Odin is unable to see all from his perch high in Asgard except for Asgard and Midgard. Concerned by his clouded vision Freya enlists the aid of Hugnin and Munin to fly to the other realms on a scouting mission. Freya watches over and aids the wily ravens through the use of seidr, old Norse magic where only the Norns are more powerful. They discover dark portents and dangers both physical and mystical as they unravel the mystery of who or what is behind blinding Odin’s eye!

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