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The PuzzlingPlanet Patterns Collection

🛸 Picture this:

A moonlit night, a field of golden wheat swaying gently in the breeze, an intricate, mesmerizing patterns pressed on to the broken stalks. Are these the enigmatic footprints of extraterrestrial visitors?  A message to humanity?

Or maybe some young alien on a dare?

The Puzzling Planet Patterns Collection | Laser Engraved Wall Art of Real World Crop Circle Designs found throughout the world!

🛸 What are they?

These are elegantly laser-engraved renditions of real-world crops circles found across the world for the last 50 decades.

They come in multiple sizes, a variety of completely unique designs to pick and choose from, and can mount easily to most surfaces with the use of non-destructive hanging strips due to their light weight.

All 42 Crop Circle Designs currently being offered

🛸 How many are there?

Right now, we are offering 42 designs spread across 7 decades.

They can come in packs of 1, 3, 6 (a decade), or even the entire collection!

🛸 How do I order one? When will it arrive?

Thankfully, we have very fast and very powerful lasers that we can generally make these rather quickly. So long as our lasers aren't already buried in some sort of production queue, turnaround time for these can be as little as a few days up to 2 weeks.

We offer these both here on our online store as well as on Etsy!

Click either link below to order yours today!

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