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Interactive, Laser Engraved Puzzles, Art, &  Toys

What are they?

Laser Cutters are marvelous machines capable of turning ordinary, flat wood into almost anything your mind can conjure so long as it remains in the realm of physics. Below are just some of the things we've only begun to scratch the surface with, in regards to turning the 2D into the 3D.

The Incogneato | Mayan Calendar Ed.
The Incogneatos
Covert, Mechanical Wall Art to hide things in plain sight behind a secretive, yet simple trick.
The Puzzling Planet Patterns Collection | Laser Engraved Wall Art of Real World Crop Circles found across the world!
Puzzling Planet Patterns
A Laser-Engraved Collection of
Real World Crop Circles & Locations
The Stealthbond Viking Hand-Axe
The Arcane Armoury
Laser-Cut Wooden Toy Weapons for the Little Knights, Archers, and Vikings at home!
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