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"...When Lasers and Woodworking Come Together..."

Click on the products below to make your selections, your customizations and your personalizations today! 
Since every product is made to order, average shipping time can vary from little as a few days up to 3 weeks if ordering one of our larger, more time-intensive products.

The Puzzling Planet Patterns Collection | Laser Engraved Wall Art of Real World Crop Circle Designs found throughout the world!
The Codex Silenda | Classic Ed. puzzle books
The Incogneatos | Mayan Calendar Edition - Interactive Wall Art with a Secret to Hide...
The Codex Questicus | An Everchanging Series of Mechanical Puzzle Books
The Codex Silenda | Themed Ed. puzzle books
The Arcane Armoury | The Archer's Bow - Frosthold Power
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