Current Estimate for Delivery if Pre-Ordered Now

9 to 12 Months - (Updated 5/14/2020)

If you want a Codex, pre-order one by clicking the link image above.

Initially we experienced many months of grueling product testing, plagued with constant equipment malfunctioning, mechanical bugs in the Puzzle book itself, and simply a lack of time and manpower to effectively test and produce the Codex in such a short timespan as we initially predicted. On top of that, we never expected the kind of attention the Codex would attract, literally having tens of thousands of people inquiring in about how they can get a book for themselves or loved ones.


We recently closed our 2nd Kickstarter Campaign, raising over $700K from over 1400+ Backers!

The purpose of this Kickstarter was to raise enough Capital in order to vastly increase our Production Capabilities by hiring new team members, relocating to a new facility, and getting bigger & better equipment.

However, because the crazy demand and the sheer amount of work we have ahead of us, we are only taking Pre-Orders at this time. When you pre-order, the money will be deducted & added to the total Campaign Fund. Your order will then be added to the Production Queue to be made once our new facility is up and running.


What kind of book is it?

Codex Silenda is a five page book that features five intricate puzzles. Each page features a unique puzzle that requires the user/reader to unlock the corresponding bolts in order to progress to the next page. As you progress through the book, a story engraved on to the back of each page, begins to develop. The story follows the adventure of an apprentice of Leonardo Da Vinci as the student stumbles onto Vinci’s latest invention, the Codex. Unfortunately, the wooden book is an enchanted trap that captures any thieves or snoopy apprentices, forcing them to have to solve it’s 5 mysterious puzzles in order to escape. You, the puzzler must now help the Apprentice solve the puzzles before the Master can return to the shop and fire the Apprentice for his trespass.

Mechanical Iris
Rotating Maze
Paradox Sliders
Ven Dais
Cryptex Lock

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