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Welcome to the Arcane Shop!

The Arcane Shop was created by inventor Brady Whitney, who created his first wooden mechanical puzzle box as his Senior Thesis Research Project at Iowa State University. After several Kickstarter campaigns, which yielded sensational results, The Arcane Shop has grown to develop and produce a range of mechanical puzzle books, covert art and kits. All of our products are designed and produced in-house at our workshop in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA. 

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The Codex Silenda was a great first product, but it suffered from a number of flaws in it's design, the methods used to assemble it, and the overall time it generally takes to make such a intricate puzzle. Wishing to make better use of our time, knowledge, and lasers; we set to work developing two new products that would rival if not outpace the Codex's own production. After many long nights, weekends, and little sleep, we are very excited to show off these wonderful creations! Click on the images below to see their respective campaigns.

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"The obvious care that went into the design and craftmanship are truly appreciated!"


Watch Neil Patrick Harris review the Codex Silenda

NPH shares his thoughts and views on the Codex Silenda. He was part of our first Kickstarter and is a major fan of our project and business!

Our Story

My name is Alexa Young

At the beginning of 2016, Brady Whitney began to develop a wooden puzzle book for his Senior Thesis Research Project at Iowa State University. After successfully scoring an A+ for his work, Brady decided to post a few pictures on Imgur to see what others thought of this new creation. It. Went. Viral. In 24 hours the post reached front page, 120,000 views, 7000+ upvotes, 400+ comments and people begging for a chance to buy one. It was decided then and there that a Kickstarter Campaign had to be put together.

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Pre-BuiltBooks - Ready to Ship

Rather than wait a weeks or two, buy a Pre-Built and it ships out next day! Browse our selection and choose your desired product, right down to the accent colour! 

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