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The Arcane Armoury

Precision Cut, Hand-assembled Swords, Bows, and Axes!

Inspired by my own childhood imagination filled with battling dragons, evil wizards, and undead armies as a noble knight. Today, most toys are made of cheap plastic with very little thought usually put into the design AND the functionality.

Instead, we forge our toy weapons using LASERS as well as the time-honored traditional forms of woodworking to create these wooden masterpieces.

We even add your very own name or word of power in the form of Viking Runes,
imbued into the blades and handles of our weapons! 

Dual Wielding two battle-axes, who could handle such power...

On top of that, we even imbue our weapons to match their wielder's innate powers,

whether it be from the Flame-kind or the Frost-hold clans.

Three Viking Hand Axes - All 3 Powers
Three Royal Longswords - All 3 Powers
Three Archer Bows - All 3 Powers
Three Battle Axes - All 3 Powers

They can come fully assembled and stained or even unassembled and unpainted for those with their own color schemes in mind.

How do I order one? When will it arrive?

Thankfully, we have very fast and very powerful lasers that we can generally make these rather quickly. So long as our lasers aren't already buried in some sort of production queue, turnaround time for these can be as little as a few days up to 2 weeks.

We offer these both here on our online store as well as on Etsy!

Click either link below to order yours today!

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