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The Incogneato™

Covert  Mechanical  Wall Art

What is it?

The Incogneato™ is a stunning piece of mechanical secretive

wall art that will mesmerize all who see it!

While on-lookers will be drawn into its beauty, it will be up to you to share its secret - that within an intricate series of mechanics holds a hidden storage compartment large enough to hold a small, concealable secret of your own!

Just a Background Image by Joshua Bartell

Other Videos

30" x 30" vs 15" x 15" with Doggo for Size Reference

Please allow for up to two weeks for order processing.


Availability of the Incogneato™ Square will be on a first come, first serve basis. If we are Out of Stock, please be patient and checkback at a later date. We plan to consistently create small batches of the Incogneato™ Square and updating inventory.

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