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About Our Design Services

Having earned a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design at Iowa State University, Brady used his passion for art and creativity and applied it to the realms of Product Design, Development, and Manufacturing, eventually designing, producing, marketing, and selling his first flagship product, Codex Silenda back in 2016.


Ever since then, he has steadily grown his laser-cutting business from a single, prototyping laser in his rented garage to now; operating two powerful and speedy Kern Lasers (250w and 300w) in his 3000 sq ft workshop in Hudson, Wisconsin.

In the past seven years of operation, Arcane Concepts Inc. has produced over 2000 Codex Silendas, multiple private and custom design product requests, and even Film Props for two nationally recognized tv shows,

NCIS: New Orleans (S4E17 - Treasure Hunt)

National Treasure: Edge of History (All Three Mayan Puzzle Cubes).

Our Capabilities and Limitations

We are a small shop and team still, but have honed our skills, techniques, and manufacturing processes to be cost-effective when producing products of absolutely exquisite quality. However, there are some limitations to our abilities depending on the level of services you require.

Below are our three main services we are capable of providing at this time, with examples of some past work as well as further descriptions of what we can and cannot do.

3D CAD Modeling highly detailed

Product Ideation & 3-D Rendering

A sheet of laser engraved and cut plywood stained red and walnut

Laser Cutting & Engraving (Wood*)

Our Codex in NCIS New Orleans S4E17

Prototyping & Production

*Other Materials less Dense than Wood*

Whether your idea is still in your head, on paper, or even roughly prototyped; we're happy to help create usable, 3D CAD files in a number of formats like STL or AutoCAD, including:

3D printing

Laser Cutting

CNC Machining*

We use Autodesk Fusion 360 for our Solid Modeling Purposes.
While we do have past experience with other modeling softwares, these would require extensive discussions before proceeding.

*CNC Machining in terms of laying out for 2D applications like Lasers or CNC Tables, not the programming of CNCs.

Maybe you already know how the product needs to look and work or have files of your own already. However, we do have a specific way things need to be laid out in order for our lasers to actually cut out and make whatever it is you are looking for. Below are the file formats we can accept. If we can't, we may have to CAD up your design first before lasering it out.

Accepted File Formats

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)

  • .dxf (Adobe Illustrator/CAD Export)

  • .f3d (Autodesk Fusion 360)

  • .stl (Export Only, Can't Import)

  • .dwg (Export Yes, Import Maybe.)

Sometimes a deadline or project is due and you simply don't have the tools, the team, or the skills to create said product or idea. That's where we come in!
Our past work with National TV Shows, small businesses, and passionate individuals alike have led us to creating some truly fantastical creations that can simply only be referred to as


Generally, this service employs our previous two mentioned services, while taking in to heavy consideration the amount of time & labor needed to not only come up with the base idea, but also the 3d model, the prototype, and then the final product; with MANY iterations at each stage.

Starting Prices
(Difficulty of Idea can Affect Prices Greatly)

  • Sketching & Ideation - $500

  • 3D Model (~1 Day) - $500

  • 3D Model (~1 Week) - $2000

  • 3D Model (~1 Month) - $20,000

Hourly Rates
(Larger the Order, Lower the Price)

  • Laser-Cutting - $2/Min

  • Laser-Engraving - $4/Min

Starting Prices
(Difficulty of Idea, Time to Design, and Time to Produce will all vary greatly, thus pricing below is merely a rough guesstimate based on past projects.)

  • Simple Project ~ 1 Day - $1000

  • Basic Project ~ 1 Week - $4000

  • Medium Project ~1 Month - $10K-$30K

  • Long Term Project - To be Determined

Send us a Message and We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

If you have sketches, images, notes, or any other type of useful file that helps further explain your idea, please upload it along with your inquiry.

If you have NDA or other Intellectual Right concerns or questions first, we are also happy to sign those as needed, so submit those along with if you wish! You can find the necessary information through our Google Business Profile page.

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