The Story So Far...

At the beginning of 2016, Brady began to develop a wooden puzzle book for his Senior Thesis Research Project at Iowa State University. After successfully grabbing an A+ for his work, Brady decided to post a few pictures on Imgur to see what others thought of this new creation. It. Went. Viral.

In 24 hours, the post reached front page, 120,000 views, 7000+ upvotes, 400+ comments and people begging for a chance to buy one. It was decided then and there that a Kickstarter Campaign had to be put together. After two months of preparation and collecting emails from various interested puzzlers, we launched our Codex Silenda Kickstarter Campaign on August 2nd with the goal of raising $30,000.

We were funded in 6 hours...

Then we hit $100,000 in 3 days, and actually had to close our campaign only 1 week in after raising over $210,000 with still 3 weeks to go. This was done for a number of reasons but mostly to avoid the risk of over promising too many puzzle books. After such a immensely successful round of fundraising, we set to work acquiring the necessary equipment and supplies to begin making books for all our backers. Since then we've shed blood, sweat, and tears in the name of completing the Kickstarter Campaign pledges with a constant drive to improve production with every book made. We can see the end of the road that is this Kickstarter, and can't wait to explore the MANY ideas and products we will design in the future.

And now, 3 years later after many moments of joy, grief, and pure grit we are nearing the completion of our 1st Kickstarter and are gearing up for our even larger one this coming March.

About Us

The Original Trio

Brady, Hanna, and Koda have been here since the beginning, with Brady being the mastermind behind the creation of the Codex. None of this would be possible without Hanna and Koda providing an endless supply of love, patience, and constant support in the pursuit of this dream we all share together.

Brady is now running the Codex business full-time with Koda's daily assistance while Hanna pursues further education and career advancement in Minnesota. However they all take the time to be with one another every weekend, despite the 4 hour drive one way... 

Our Master Assembler

Nathan joined our team in January 2018 after we moved our business back to Iowa from Connecticut. He was quick to learn how the Codex is made and assembled. He can now put these things together in his sleep (apparently he dreams quite frequently of Codices 😜)

Nathan grew up in the same hometown as Brady and has a small family of his own, with the recent arrival of his daughter Mia this past October! 

Our Pre-Assembler

Kasie is our 2nd full-time employee, filling in for my brother Colin after he took off for College at Summer's end of 2019. She's a big-time hunter & fisher as well as a loving and protective dog mom of five! (plus a cat that thinks it's dog.)

Her job is responsible for making sure books are cut out properly from the laser, putting together small pieces that require gluing or very short pegs for assembly. By doing this, she saves us tons of time that would be wasted during the actual assembly of the books.

The Part-Timers

There are always tons of smaller tasks to be completed each day that can really eat up a lot of time. So we were lucky to find quite the trio of

High-Schoolers to help us out with the waxing, sorting, staining, and sanding aspects of the process.

  • Greyson is a Freshman at local High School and is our most enthusiastic employee as well as our main sheet staining guy.

  • Jaxon is a Sophomore at the same school and is kinda of a go between for Greyson and Jacob, helping out wherever they need it or covering for them on the days they don't come in.

  • Jacob (not pictured) is a senior at the same school and is our main sorter for the Puzzle books after Kasie has finished with them, but before Nathan gets to them.

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Proudly Assembled in Maquoketa, Iowa, USA

© 2020 Created by Brady Whitney

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