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Pick and Choose any one of the Seven decades and get all 6 designs from that year! You can pick between any of the three sizes too!

  1. Small (3.5" x 5") - About the size of a notecard/playing card, these are for those who simply love the look of the designs and smell of laser etched wood, they make GREAT coasters too!
  2. Medium (9.5" x 14.2") - Closer to a poster in size, this size is great for those who don't have a ton of wall space to spare or want to have multiple designs from either the same or different decades to create a unqiue curation of their own.
  3. Large (14.7" x 22") - These are the big ones, ready to demand all eyes upon them when one enters their room or domain. Despite it's big size, these are surprisingly light and can be held up with only two command strips if desired.


Each design's name is based on it's location and the day it was discovered as well as the decade it was found in.

So for example, if you wanted the third design from the top right in the six pack image of the 1990's, you would select "1990 Bratton #25".

Decade Sets - Puzzling Planet Patterns

  • All Puzzling Planet Pattern orders will generally ship out in 2-3 business days, but it can take up to 2 weeks. This is due to us being a small shop and receiving too many orders all at once can delay some orders by a little bit.

    However, we will keep you updated to the best of our ability and will send tracking numbers once it is boxed and ready to ship; you will receive tracking via the email you provide.

    Shipping Cost Not Included in Price; will be added on during checkout depending on your location and size of order.


    International Shipping is not included either nor is Customs and Duties, so please check with your nation's laws before purchasing. Unforeseen fees and duties will not be covered by us.

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