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The Quest Compendium is more than just a book; it's an enchanting portal to boundless imagination. Crafted with laser-cut precision, engraved intricacy, and assembled using the most effective and efficient methods to date, it redefines just what a truly modular, customizable product can be. That's right; it's a book where you can customize and edit the puzzles within every page, swap the pages themselves in and out like chapters of an epic tale, and even choose between two awe-inspiring sizes. Last but not least, new add-on puzzle pages will be designed and released to keep your puzzling guests ever on their toes with each new addition! It's the ultimate tool for parents igniting backyard adventures, game masters weaving unforgettable stories, and puzzle lovers endlessly challenging their creativity. Welcome to a world where imagination knows no bounds—the world of The Quest Compendium.



Absolutely. The Quest Compendium is the culmination of years of laser cutting & engraving practices, traditional forms of hand assembly intermixed with the innovative use of modern technology to make something that can truly call itself modular and customizable to the customer's highest desire. From the ability to pull pages out, interchanging their positioning or even adding entirely new pages in their place; to altering the actual inner workings of the puzzles themselves so that the solution is different with every new configuration.



Intended for All Ages, 8 and Up. There are strong magnets and small pieces involved, so parts can be easily lost if not kept well track of and pinching may occur if not careful. From parents giving their kid's an epic puzzle quest in the backyard to the Dungeon Creating Masters looking for a way to spice up their weekly Thursday game night; the only limit is whatever your mind cannot fathom.



For now, we will only be offering either Blank - No Engrave Unassembled Kits, Engraved Unassembled Kits, and Engraved Assembled Books. Once this campaign is fulfilled, we will begin to offer custom engraving services for specific parts, pages, and possibly even full story upgrade kits than can be used interchangeably with your existing pieces.


While the majority of the Engravings/Designs you currently see on the book will more than likely be the final designs; we will be continuing to work on them during the duration of this Campaign, providing photos and updates on what we are changing and how it will help make the puzzle better than it already is.


For example, the Tiles found on Page Four "Tangling Tiles" will not feature Card Suits on them but rather more table-top gaming friendly icons that can be interpreted on a wider basis than the suits could ever be.

Codex Quest | Traditional Size

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