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Production Update #17 - Broken Bones are Healed Once More

Greetings Apprenti!

From the Fire into the Frying Pan

While January knocked us back a few steps, February was all about getting caught back up and getting ahead of the cash flow once again so that we can keep making Kickstarter books as well as Voucher books side by side. Unfortunately, many of the bills incurred during the troublesome January month all came a calling at once, forcing us to devote the majority of our production to Voucher books in order to pay everything off as well as FINALLY getting enough funds saved back up to send out the remaining $150 Reward Tier books which are all built and awaiting pickup.

On top of the funding backlog, the Large Laser decided to kill yet another Power Supply (Context: 6 months this time, but running at 85% power for 10-14 hours per day, 5-6 days of the week). This of course caused further delays in getting more books done for the better part of two weeks since it died on a Wednesday night. We got the parts and the machine back up and running the following Tuesday, but missing that many days of laser cutting can have an impact.

Thankfully, we are running at full speed again and barring any OTHER major malfunctions or severe weather issues; we should be cranking books out at high speed!

ATTENTION $150 Reward TIER/LEVEL backers - If you haven't received your book yet, you should have gotten an email from me yesterday mentioning when your book should be arriving. If you have not received this email, please message me asap.

ATTENTION $175 Reward Tier Backers (anybody still owed an Assembled Book) . . . WE'VE REACHED YOUR TIER!!!!!

Where to from here?

The good news is that the increased pressure of these past two months have pushed our workshop to an even higher level of efficiency due to some changeups in the assembling process. We are now able to produce up to 5 books in a day; 4 days of Assembling for Nathan and Colin, and 6 days of Prepwork and Lasering for Brady. We are also looking to find a new member to add to our team to help reduce Brady's workload so that he can divert a little attention towards Codex Idea #2 as we still gotta think of the future too!

On top of all that, Brady's arm is finally out of the cast, but it'll still be a bit of time before he has full motion of the wrist again.

"I'm Free, I'm Free!"

In the meanwhile, we are now back in a comfortable position once again devote the majority of production back to the Kickstarter Books ($175 Reward Tier). Our goal is to make a minimum of 50 books for the Kickstarter Tiers each month, which would put us on track for finishing the remaining Assembled Codices into July/August! After that, the Unassembled tier follows and I feel that if we are able to meet that first deadline, then it is a very good possibility that this entire Kickstarter could be completed before Christmas!

Revamped Website!

In my free time, I've been working on a number of side projects related to the business, including getting my website switched back over to after realizing they finally implemented a lot of the features I'd been searching for in DIY website builders. I'm still adding new things to it, including actual workable forums, but for now you can simply browse and test all the links to see if anything is broken or needs work, would greatly appreciate the feedback!

Other than that, nothing else new to report on the SCS/China books. Here's to a productive month, now let's get assembling!

Much Love,

Brady, Hanna, Koda, Houdini, Nathan, and Colin