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Production Update #15 - Happy Holidays and Merry (Belated) Christmas!!

Greetings Apprenti!

We hope everyone is safe at home, enjoying wonderful meals, and celebrating the company of friends & family. The month of December was a busy one to say the least. We ran out of time trying to get these last few books in the last of the above images boxed up before Christmas but ran out of time before the craziness of the holidays kicked into gear. We will be boxing these all up tomorrow, hopefully out the door by then too! We won't be back in full production until after the New Years, but will keep on chugging along!Other than production, there hasn't been much else to report on other fronts other than the quick updates listed below:

  • Shortly after Colin started, Tate ended up moving away, unable to continue working for us. However, with me taking back over some of Tate's duties and Colin picking up the extra slack, we are able to keep on putting along.

  • China sent us their most recent prototype and it still requires a bit more refinement before I'll consider it on par with the quality we are producing, so unfortunately we are still delayed on this front for now.

Customer Testimonials

Kris C

Hey Gang,Received the book, and I am loving it thus far! (on page 3 already) Just so you know I have been doing unboxing vids and run a gaming blog for about 3 years now. I just posted a vid today unboxing this. Hopefully it will get you a little traffic. it out and feel free to repost it anywhere if you like it. Thanks again for the amazing book. Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and successful 2019!

Corey T

Thanks Brady! It arrived today and the whole family has had a blast solving the first two pages. I found out two things that your other international backers might be interested in:

  1. Classifying it as a "book" on the forms will yield the lowest duties, at least to Canada and Europe; "toy" is significantly more.

  2. UPS charged me $85 in duties and brokerage fees, but I self-cleared it ( and paid just $9.50 (might apply only to Canada).

Have a great holidays

Mike from Seattle

Finally received my codex. It’s a work of art.

Carolyn P.

Brady, thank you so much. I've had a pretty terrible month and you've given me a moment of pure happiness. I've wanted to give your puzzle gift to my husband for awhile (I've read a lot of the articles about your process and the creativity behind your book). My husband is an industrial designer as well (a field many don't know much about) and I know he is going to love the creativity but also appreciate the engineering and design of your book.

Much Love,

Brady, Hanna, Koda, Nate, Colin, and Houdini!