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Production Update #16 - Weathering the Perfect Storm

Greetings Apprenti!

It has been one rough month for us due to a number of unfortunate and badly timed incidents all culminating in the month of January. Mother Nature been hammering us week in and week out with relentless ice, snow, and below freezing windchill, preventing employees from being able to safely show up to assemble books. On top of that, Brady broke his arm/wrist a couple weeks ago and had to receive surgery. Finally, China's prototype still doesn't quite match the final quality of the books our team is sending out and will still need a little more time to get things up to par.

All in all, the only real damage done is a poor performance month in terms of total production output. The reason the majority of the books sent out this month were mostly Voucher books was to help pay some year end bills and keep us in business as we recover from a troublesome month. Even then we still managed to get a fair number of books out to Voucher holders as well as completing another 2 Ancients too so we are still plenty busy on the days we can make it safely to the workshop :)

Mother Nature's Icy Embrace

Well what started as a tame and warm winter quickly became a relentless, freezing monstrosity these past few weeks with very little relief in sight for the time being. Thankfully this isn't the first terribly cold winter in the past 20 years we've lived through as my Dad the farmer has been dutifully battling the cold, making sure all our animals are safely and warmly bedded down in our barns. However, you know it's cold when even the big, four legged steaming grass engines like this girl start frosting the tips of their hair with just their breath! Thankfully as long as they have food in their bellies and other fellow moo-ers to cozy up against, they are weathering the cold just fine :)

Brady's Broken Wrist

Unfortunately, Brady was out enjoying a day of snowboarding with his younger siblings at the local ski hill in Dubuque when he fell and cracked his Radius bone in two places. What made it even worse was that while he broke it on a Sunday Night, it wasn't until Thursday before he was finally admitted into surgery. The folks at the local Dubuque hospital were either just incompetent or extremely disorganized in their processing of his injury, his insurance, and simply helping to get things done in a timely manner such as getting him properly referred to the U of I hospital. Despite all of this, Brady was in a relatively good spirit before and after the procedure and is expected to make a full recovery, sporting only a few new screws and a metal plate as well. Nathan's cast is expected to come off soon as well as his doctor felt that it had to remain on due to slow healing.

China Book The good news is that China is at least getting all of the correct pieces cut out, but there are still a few trouble spots in terms of quality or certain pieces not being correctly orientated. Hopefully after our review of the prototype is complete, they will be able to see the mistakes and adjust accordingly. Believe me, we want them to be ready for production as soon as possible too :)

Wrapping up the $150 Reward Tier In the midst of the chaos of this month, we've done our best to get the rest of these international books out, but with our production so severely impacted, we weren't able to get them all out quite yet. If you have not received a tracking number or book AND are in the $150 Early Bird Reward Tiers (including International $150), please reach out to us via email or Kickstarter messages to let us know! As for the $175 Reward Tier, we will hopefully begin on your books by mid February so long as broken wrists and weather permits.

Much love, Brady, Hanna, Koda, Houdini, Nate, and Colin!