Production Update #14 - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Greetings Apprenti and Happy Thanksgiving! A Slow Month for Everyone

We still managed to get a good chunk of books made, but both our production and shipping output for the month have fallen short of our expectations due to some unfortunate events and some happy ones too!

Not only have we had to deal with Cold and Flu Season picking off each of us one by one, but the Big Laser had to have just ONE more hissy fit by MELTING the turn key ignition switch! Thankfully there was no fire or any serious damage done other than to this switch. We were able to get a replacement sent and have the laser back up and running once again, let's keep it that way now... 😤😤😤 However, I'm going to start advising anyone interested in purchasing a laser that they should avoid the larger Boss Laser versions as this one has caused nothing but trouble since the day we got it. At the very least, if you do buy a Boss Laser, get the three year warranty/parts plan because the frequency and cost can be quite outrageous. However, the smaller laser has had very few problems and runs like a dream. Either I just got really unlucky with my big laser or it's just a badly designed machine. Nathan, our main assembler had to receive surgery on his wrist to repair a year old injury, surprising the doctor and himself that he went so long without feeling pain from it. So his arm has been in a cast for the past 5 weeks, but will be coming off next Monday so he'll be back at it fresh and new once the Holiday break is over. Nathan is also now a bona fide father, helping to usher in his son, Rylan, this past weekend! He is one proud papa :)

Welcome to the world, Rylan!

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Codex Silenda's Instagram

For those of you who really love our updates and wish to know what's happening on an almost daily basis, we are now on Instagram! I've been attempting to post at least two photos everyday, some with useful tips on running a laser and some just being photos of our furry workshop companions. Check out some of the photos we've shared on there already!

International Shipping Bottleneck

Another reason for the slowdown in shipping of books is due to the high costs we keep running into with our International backers (through no fault of their own other than wanting every reward they can get! 😋😁 )

While our original shipping estimates for sending a single book internationally were relatively spot on ($80), we did not account for the potentiality that almost every International backer would add on either an extra book or an extra chest. This is in no way any International backer's fault and we will not be requesting any additional shipping charges since the mistake is clearly on our part. But it is stalling shipping as we can only send out 1 International book ($150) for every 5 Domestic ones (>$30) that we could send out instead. This in turn has created a miniature bottleneck that we must push through in order to complete the rest of the $150 Backers. So if you are in that tier, that is why you book hasn't arrived yet unfortunately. Once through, we will finally break into the last main Assembled tier of $175 backers!

Voucher Production

As we mentioned in our previous update, in an effort to offset both operating costs and the international costs, we've begun to slowly reach out to Voucher backers. We are only offering Traditional Yellow books for the time being so as to not get ourselves confused or distracted by personal requests or customizations.

Also we are only reaching out to small batches of Voucher holders via email, so please keep an eye out for our email in your Inbox/Spam folder. If you have not received anything from us asking for your code, please do not reach out to us asking for a book or how to submit your code. We are working our way through the list, starting at the bottom with code #001 and going from there.

New Hire - Meet my youngest brother, Colin!

So we can keep production steamrolling (when we aren't sick or broken!) we've added a 4th member to our team to help with both pre-assembly and sorting tasks. Colin is currently attending the local community college and is only helping out Part-Time in an effort to reduce book buildup.

SCS/China Update

Nothing new to report just yet, but they have stated that they are finalizing assembly this week, fingers crossed!

Customer Testimonials

Jain M.

I'm happy to report that I got my codex today. Unfortunately i forgot to inform you before shipping to state that the value of the should be mentioned lower than 60$ it was mentioned as 175$ and that qualifies for customs 😞 I had to pay additional 175$ as customs duty to get it delivered but Item was received in an undamaged condition. Thank you for packing it well! Workmanship looks exceptional and i look forward to finally solving it Congratulations once again on finishing off the campaign with a really cool product. Please convey my regards to Hanna and my love to koda.

Ninth Haven Games

This arrived at our office a couple days ago. Very impressive craftsmanship! The final page took a moment to figure out. Well done guys.

Justin J.

Just got my codex! Super excited! But this thing is massive? And doesn’t look like the photos at all. I have in total 7 layers.


That is absolutely fantastic to hear, and quite a relief! I really do appreciate all the work YOU’VE put in, especially with so many set backs. Lesser creators would have given up or disappeared. It says a lot about you and this project that you’ve stuck to it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well that's all for now, here's to a much more productive December!!

Much Love,

Brady, Hanna, Koda, Houdini, Nate, Tate, and Colin!

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