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Production Update #14 - Happy Thanksgiving!!

Greetings Apprenti and Happy Thanksgiving! A Slow Month for Everyone

We still managed to get a good chunk of books made, but both our production and shipping output for the month have fallen short of our expectations due to some unfortunate events and some happy ones too!

Not only have we had to deal with Cold and Flu Season picking off each of us one by one, but the Big Laser had to have just ONE more hissy fit by MELTING the turn key ignition switch! Thankfully there was no fire or any serious damage done other than to this switch. We were able to get a replacement sent and have the laser back up and running once again, let's keep it that way now... 😤😤😤 However, I'm going to start advising anyone interested in purchasing a laser that they should avoid the larger Boss Laser versions as this one has caused nothing but trouble since the day we got it. At the very least, if you do buy a Boss Laser, get the three year warranty/parts plan because the frequency and cost can be quite outrageous. However, the smaller laser has had very few problems and runs like a dream. Either I just got really unlucky with my big laser or it's just a badly designed machine. Nathan, our main assembler had to receive surgery on his wrist to repair a year old injury, surprising the doctor and himself that he went so long without feeling pain from it. So his arm has been in a cast for the past 5 weeks, but will be coming off next Monday so he'll be back at it fresh and new once the Holiday break is over. Nathan is also now a bona fide father, helping to usher in his son, Rylan, this past weekend! He is one proud papa :)

Welcome to the world, Rylan!

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