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Production Update #13 - Customer Responses, Art Gallery Feature, and some extra Ancients?!?

Greetings Apprenti!

Despite having to deal with two major malfunctions with the Big Bertha laser for the past two weeks (read about that further down); we were able to keep things rather productive in the down time thanks to our pre-cutting/pre-assembly system that is beginning to outpace the main assembly system. Some of this time has been spent getting ahead on sheet preparation as well as testing new methods out for speeding up the process. With the additional help of a 4th team member, we think that we can produce up to 20 books per week using the bulk cutting methods that were suggested by a backer to us a while back. After confirming with our files, we are able to fit 4 books worth of pieces on to each sheet for each type of stain/color.

  • 2 sheets of Birch White (2 books per sheet because the majority of pieces are large)

  • 1 Sheet of Yellow

  • 1 Sheet of Walnut

So as long as the lasers can cut out those 4 sheets, 5 days of the week and Brady can come in on Saturdays and cut out 4 Hinge sheets (5 books ea.) for every batch, we could consistently pump out 20 books! The new team member would help Tate out with Staining, Sorting, and Pre-Assembly while Nathan can continue assembling the normal 3 books a day. In the meantime Brady will continue to operate the lasers, assemble the 4th book in between material changeouts, and keep managing other minor day to day activities of the business.

This means that the normal 15 weekly quota will be continually sent out to the Reward Backers, but the additional 5 books will