Update #20 - Kickstarter Funding Arriving Soon

Greetings Apprentices! (or is it Apprenti?)

I just received word from Kickstarter that the funds are now being transferred to our account, but as we all know how banks love to delay giving out money, it may be a couple of days before the money is accessible. No worries though, the moment it does become available, we've created a short list of what will be our very first steps on the way to beginning our long trek of making puzzle books together!

  • Fulfill and Finalize Purchase Order with Boss Laser, which will hopefully shipped within 48 hours and arrive a week later.

  • Fulfill and Finalize BackerKit Payment

  • Final Review of the Surveys, then sending them out

  • Continue tweaking the current page designs to accommodate the new laser and changes in material thicknesses (1/8" -> 1/4")

  • Begin creating a test order for the T-Shirts!

  • Install and Receive Boss Laser Training on the Operation of the New Laser


We still can't believe the amount of feedback and intrigue this campaign has revealed. It is certainly surreal waking up and realizing each day that the Codex is now THE Most Funded Puzzle Kickstarter to date! You guys make us wanna cry from sheer joy (seriously stop, you're actually making Brady cry :p)

So Much Love,

Brady, Hanna and Koda

The Codex Team

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