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BackerKit Survey Update

Hi Everyone,

First of all, take a breath and do not panic, this update will not delay anything in regards to delivery dates or rewards. Ok now let your breath back out :D

So there was a misunderstanding on both sides between us and BackerKit where we thought we didn't have to pay BackerKit until we had fully received all of our funds from Kickstarter, but this is not the case however. This means that we have to wait until the week of September 12th (Most likely the 14th) before we can send out the BackerKit Surveys since we can't send them out until we pay BackerKit first (silly I know but that's how business works). So this simply means you will have to wait an extra week before submitting all of your pertinent information in regards to the add-ons, upgrades, and shipping addresses you wanted to tell us.

I repeat, this does NOT affect the delivery dates in any way, because we had to finish the testing phase first; so it doesn't matter if we know you want 3 shirts or 2 Vouchers this week or the next since we won't end up beginning production until the 2nd half of October anyways.

Once we have the funds, the order for the Laser Cutter will finally be pushed through the system and should be delivered in the late 3rd Week of September, using the last week to get the machine properly placed and hooked up. Here is a snapshot of what our new machine will look like :D