Final Reminder!

Hi Everyone!

There is only 2.5 hours left in the Campaign, so make sure your pledge amounts are correctly added up! (See Update #16 - Reward Tier Breakdown and Update #17 - Status Update for further clarification) Also make doubly sure that your payment information is correct and you have the correct funds made available in your account so when Kickstarter goes to process the Pledge, it isn't rejected due to insufficient funds.

Thank you SOOOOOO much for giving our team your continued support to make this dream a reality. It's about time that the world got a new addition to the realm of puzzle-making, challenging the status quo as it is and challenging minds across the globe!

It will be about two weeks before Kickstarter makes the funds available for us, and then about another week or so before we can receive the laser cutter, but we are already hard at work getting the files ready for the testing phase as well as tweaking and editing the story of Da Vinci's Apprentice! Can't wait to start posting pictures and videos of the whole process :D

Much Love,

Brady, Hanna, & Koda-Bear

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