Status Update - DEADLINE AUG. 31st @ 12pm CST

Hello there Apprentices!

First off I'd like to apologize for my lack of presence for the past week as I've been busy moving from Iowa to Connecticut (1100 miles!), getting moved into my new house, and starting work at my new job. I also don't have wifi yet so that will be a slight pain in the rear but luckily I have access to a local library! Anyways, back to business! So our campaign ends in 4 days!! 4 DAYS!! Can you believe it???

So I would like to stress a few important bullets for you all to read to make sure you are ready for the Campaign's closure!

  • First, make sure your Pledge amount matches with the Reward Tier you have chosen and the extra rewards you wish to receive. Please refer to our Reward Tier Breakdown in the Update Section if you are unsure about how much an item costs.

  • Second, make sure that your Credit Card/Payment Information is correctly entered and that you have the proper funds in the account to match your pledge. Kickstarter will either immediately charge your account the moment the campaign ends OR they will charge it in the matter of a day or two.

  • Third, make sure you're shipping address and other pertinent information is correctly entered, we will not be responsible for items shipping to the wrong address if you entered it incorrectly. (Of course if we send it incorrectly, we will obviously be responsible for it!)

Now information on BackerKit!

BackerKit will be the program we will use to help organize our Backers, their pledges, and their corresponding rewards and add-ons. While I personally haven't backed through BackerKit myself before, It is considered one of the better Fulfillment programs out there and has so far made the process of organizing everything relatively easy for me.

NOTE: Because Kickstarter has to process payments first, the BackerKit Survey will be sent out on Sept 6th, with a deadline of Sept 12th.

From what I can tell this will be the process each Backer will go through when selecting their pledge and rewards.

  • Receive BackerKit's Email - WARNING, the heading BackerKit uses may deceive you or your spam detection software, so do not delete the email and if you can't find it in your inbox, check your spam folder. The Heading will look like this: Response Needed -- Get your reward for Codex Silenda: The Book of Puzzles

  • Getting Started - Next, click on the link in the email to start your Survey process. You should be taken to the first step in the Survey which will show you the Reward Tier you are in, the amount you've pledged and the Country you are in (change if it is not correct) Do Not Try to Switch Your Pledge Level, you will lose the one you have!

  • The Questions Menu - If you have one of the tiers that features options like T-Shirts & Coasters or the Master-Level $400 tier, you will be prompted to answer questions regarding your selections for the specific options found in your tier.

  • The Add-On Menu - After this, you will find yourself looking at the Add-Ons Menu, now this is where it can get tricky so I will try explaining it with an example:

Say I donated at the $150 Reward Tier, but my pledge includes an additional $55 for the Chest and another $50 for Canada Shipping, so my actual Pledge Amount is $255. I will then select the Chest Add-On, with it's pricing of $55 added into my "Cart" However, because my pledge was $255 and not $150, BackerKit will not charge me extra because I already had the $55 included, this is called "Store Credit".

However, if I had only pledged the $200 (Tier + Can. Shipping), then Backer Kit would prompt me to ADD $55 to my current pledge in order to get the Chest. Then you would have to enter in your Payment information again, hence Why I suggest to everyone to make sure their pledge is ready before the Campaign ends.

  • The Shipping Page - It is here you will either enter in your shipping information or confirm it if it has already been entered.

  • Confirmation Page - Finally it is here that you will confirm all of your information, add-ons, and payment options. Once you hit submit, we will take care of the rest!

NOTE: In regards to any tier that has a personalized story, once we have finished refining our story, we will send you each a copy of this story so you may see what we wrote in order to help you write your own story. I will also highlight the parts that feature hints so you may reword the hints in your own way. This way you can also see the story! But this won't be ready until the beginning of October, which will still leave plenty of time for you to write your own personalized story!

Once, we have received all of the BackerKit Surveys we will continue updating our backers through this Kickstarter Page's Update System. We will be posting Videos and Pictures as we move along the process, from the day we receive our new Laser-Cutter, throughout the Testing Phase, and finally throughout the Production and Shipping Phase! We will also do our best to alert our backers as to when each Tier's Rewards and Shipments will be sent out. We will also be posting all of this information on our new website too at!

All that we ask from you after this point is to continue supporting and encouraging us along the way, Koda loves that stuff :D. Also, when an issue or problem arises, we will alert our backers ASAP and explain to everyone what has happened and how we are trying to fix it, we only ask for your patience in return!


Brady, Hanna, & Koda-Bear :)

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