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Unveiling of the Single Page Tier Chest!!

For the second time, TA-DA!!! Here are the Chest Designs for the Single Page Reward Tier ($55)


Absolute Dimensions are 13" Long x 10.75" Wide x 6" Tall, The Box itself without the handles and corner support pieces is like the Codex, 12" Long and will be shipped with the Handles, Corner Pieces, and their Dowels placed inside the Chest so that it can fit in the same size box as the Codex, but they are very easy to install and gives you further incentive to unlock the chest! ;)

Inner Dimensions are 8.875" Wide x 11.5" Long x 4.75" Deep. However if you look closely at the opened Chest, you can see some pieces may get in the way near the top of the box so they may get in the way. But this chest certainly could hide some "Secret Documents" or "Hidden Treasures"!

We ask that all Higher Tiers that receive some sort of Codex (Non-Assembled, Assembled, Personalized, & Custom) limit themselves to adding only one Chest to their order as this adds on to our manufacturing ability and could increase the chances for a delay as well as increasing shipping costs with such a large item.

For Laser Cutting File Backers, we request that you add Shipping ($20) to your $55 if you are an international backer since these will be just as big as a Codex!

Hope you all enjoy and comment below with your thoughts (Please read the whole update before asking, thank you!)

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