The Unveiling of the 6th & 7th Codex Puzzle Pages!

TA-DA!!!!!!! (Summary can be found at bottom of this Update)

These pages will now be added to any Kickstarter Codex for an additional pledge of $50 added to your current pledge. You can only get both pages or neither, if we allowed backers to pick between one or the other, there would be far too much confusion when trying to assemble a Codex with 6 pages versus a 5 page and/or a 7 Page one. We would like to try and remain sane by the end of this Campaign :) This excludes the $400 Backers who get the pages automatically.

However, there will be no price increase to the Laser Cutting Files!

For the Non-Assembled Codex Tier, you only have to increase your pledge by $25 total for both pages!

The reasoning for our pricing reflects the Cost of Material, Increased Assembly Time per Codex, Increased Weight & Size for Shipping Costs, a Longer Storyline and to also help cover any unforeseen costs or delays since these are completely new pages that will require more testing and refinement than the original 5 pages. These will be pages 5 & 6 in the Codex Line-up as the last and final page has to be the Cryptex Lock since it features the storage compartment of the Codex.

NOTE: We plan on using BackerKit, which is an excellent Pledge Manager, however if your pledge amount during the Campaign does not match the price of each Add-On/Upgrade you select, BackerKit will require you to enter in your payment information on their website too. So our suggestion is get your pledge accurate now so when you click your add-ons and upgrades in BackerKit's Survey, you won't be entering your Credit Card information twice. We will post one more update with Cost of each Add-On/Upgrade with hopefully an easier format to read and understand.

Page 5 - Merchant's Emporium

Have you ever played the Phone App game "Unblock Me" or that little Traffic car game where you have to move the other cars around until you can get the red car out of the box? Well Merchant's Emporium utilizes this puzzle mechanic by forcing the puzzler to have to shift the Rune Tiles around until the bolts can be uncovered and unlocked through the use of the key found at the center of the page. However, take care to notice the current order of the Runes, they may offer help both during this puzzle and after...

Page 6 - Master Keys

Like the thief who picks the lock of a safe, you and the apprentice must jimmy the two keys away in order to open the bolts preventing you from continuing forth. There are five tumblers and two keys, which means you have to find 10 exact positions out of an infinite (almost) amount of combinations and positions... Good Luck, Apprentice.

To Summarize:

Assembled Codices - Add $50 to your current pledge amount for both pages, cannot select just one ($400 Backers are excluded, you get this automatically!)

Non-Assembled Codices - Add $25 to your current pledge amount for both page's pieces, cannot select just one.

Laser Cutting Files - Both pages are now part of your reward, no additional amount necessary!

You will be able to select these add-ons when we send you our BackerKit Survey. Please try to make sure your Pledge amount matches your selections before the Campaign ends!

Comment below to let us know what you think!

*And no we will not tell you how to solve them ;)

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