NEW TIER! Voucher for 6th & 7th Pages

Greetings Everyone!

So, we definitely did not expect so many people to want to back the Codex, especially not so quickly! One of the biggest questions we keep getting is "Will the 6th & 7th Pages be available for purchase after the Campaign ends?"

No. Kickstarter Exclusive means it Exclusive to Backers Only.

HOWEVER, we also realize that because of our limited manufacturing capability, it literally made it impossible for anyone to back the project if they were even two days late to our campaign, despite wanting to back us during the campaign.

So we have decided to offer a new tier where anyone who donates at this reward level, will receive a Voucher that allows the backer to still be able to purchase the 6th & 7th page when ordering a Codex later on down the road, even after the Campaign has ended. This is because you were here for our Campaign and were unable to get involved due to our limited run, but still wanted to get a Codex so badly that we are now giving you the chance to still be a backer!

The Tier will be titled "Voucher for 6th & 7th Pages" and will run at $15. When this voucher is used, there will be no additional charge for the extra pages either. However, because these later Codices will be retail versions, their pricing will be slightly higher than their Kickstarter Variants.

For other tiers higher than this ($55 and $80 only), you can get the Voucher added on for $5 if you plan on purchasing a Codex further down the line.

However, this update also serves as a fair warning. Kickstarter is not a store; reward tiers are promises, not guaranteed products in exchange for your money. Your pledge is an investment, one that can succeed or fail. When you pledge you must weigh the fact that you may never see that money again.

We hope that by offering this new reward tier, those who have felt left out will still get to enjoy the Codex in its complex and complete entirety!

NOTE: Laser Cutting Files are separate from this New Tier and automatically already have the option of receiving the 6th & 7th Pages, we are considering if there will be even a price increase for the Laser files or not; once we have them designed we will update you all.

Best Regards,

Brady, Hanna, and Koda

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