Bursting at the Seams

It is with a heavy heart that I have to turn away so many potential backers and have such limited production runs, but it is only so I can protect the current backers from an increased sense of risk if too many are pledged and I am unable to succeed due to unforeseen, uncontrollable events like delays, malfunctioning equipment, etc. The only reason we are doing this project is because we want the world to enjoy a new kind of puzzle while insuring that it can actually enjoy said puzzle. Once this campaign has ended and all of our backers have received their rewards, we will begin again to take orders and produce even more Codices!

I also do this to retain the sanity of our team as we will be spending many long nights cutting pieces, assembling Codices, printing instructions, and shipping boxes upon boxes out while also maintaining 9-5 jobs.

As of right now, we are currently looking into more efficient shipping and fulfilment practices and programs such as BackerKit; while we are also designing and fleshing out our 6th and 7th Page designs with CAD modeling software at this very moment. We've already begun speaking with the laser cutter manufacturer to get that ball rolling already so we can hit the ground running the moment this campaign ends! Keep checking back for updates along the way for the rest of this month as we post new renders of Staining Options, Puzzle Page Designs, Upgrades like the Locking Chest and maybe even some sneak peeks at the story of the Apprentice!

This project will receive every waking free second of effort and time to bring the Codex to life for everyone and we will not stop until this dream is realized. Thank you to all who were able to get involved, the Codex Team will not let you down!


Brady, Hanna, and Koda

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