Second Codex Newsletter Update

Hello Again Apprentices!

Work has finally begun on preparing the Kickstarter Campaign and if everything comes together smoothly and quickly, we could be looking a starting date around Mid July!!! We are also in talks with a potential investor which will also help in the long run of producing the Codex on a larger scale not to mention faster!

On another note we have also begun coming up with the rewards that you'll find at various Kickstarter Backer levels such as:

- Codex Runic Type Font Download (Type in the Runic language of the Codex!)

- T-Shirt & 5 Codex Coasters (Each coaster based on one of the five puzzles!)

- Single Codex Puzzle Page Assembled (Great for wall decor!)

- And of course the full Codex itself! (various versions and customizable levels!)

We will continue to keep you all posted on our progress and can't wait to begin the Campaign! Comment below and let us know what you think of the rewards so far!

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