Fifth Codex Newsletter Update

Greetings Everyone!

We can't believe that the launch date is almost here!! Only 6 more days to go until we launch the Codex on Kickstarter campaign which will run from August 2nd to August 31st.

The key to our campaign succeeding is getting as many pledges as we can in the first 48-72 hours as this can greatly boost our chances of being seen elsewhere on Kickstarter which can bring in even more supporters.

What's even better is if we surpass our initial goal we will also be offering Kickstarter Exclusive stretch goals for even better rewards and enhancements to the Codex and other reward items! I've attached the image of the stretch goals as well as descriptions of them so you can get a better idea of what they are. Even if you can't get the Codex itself, there are still some awesome rewards for smaller pledges because every little bit counts!

$40K Level - Once we reach this funding milestone, we will offer an optional, unique puzzle page that can be swapped for the original fourth page in the Codex. Kickstarter Exclusive means that only the backers of the Codex will be able to receive this special puzzle as a special thank you for believing in our campaign! (Can also be chosen for the Singular Puzzle Page Tier) $60K Level - At this level, all respective backers that wish to receive the Single Page Reward Tier will have the option to instead receive a lockable chest featuring the puzzle of their choice as the lid and lock of the box! (Only Available to $55+ Level Backers) $80K Level - For this level, we will offer a new reward tier for the Codex Laser Cutting files to download for $80! For the backers that have pledged more than $80, they will receive the file download for free as part of their current pledge tier. (Only Available to $80+ Level Backers, please no downgrading pledges though as this can cause us to end up missing our goal!) $100K Level - Our biggest goal yet, we will offer another completely unique and optional Kickstarter Exclusive backer page except this one can be interchanged with any one of the original puzzle pages! (Can also be chosen for the Singular Puzzle Page Tier)

Wishing you all the best,

Brady and the Codex Team

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