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First Codex Newsletter Update

Greetings Everyone!

First off I want to thank each and everyone of you who has signed up to help support the Codex. The overall excitement, support, and interest in the Codex in the past couple weeks is both surprising and heartwarming! To know that so many people share the same passion and intrigue in complex, yet uniquely decorative puzzles only deepens my resolve to bring each and everyone of you your very own Codex!

For those of you who haven't discovered the Codex via Imgur, I had recently posted a few images on the image sharing site where within 24 hours it basically exploded; receiving over 130,000+ view, 7000+ up votes and over 400+ comments with a majority of those stating along the lines of "I want to buy this NOW!" If you'd like to visit that post, you can follow this link here:

On top of that, the facebook page has grown to 900+ likes and an innumerable amount of shares, thanks to both the Codex page and Imgur's facebook page whom also posted about the Codex as well since it was such a viral post! What's even cooler is the amount of feedback and suggestions I've been receiving on how to improve it and the possibility of appealing to markets I hadn't even considered!

And finally, while I can't give you very much detail at the moment, I can say that there are some very interested parties who are looking at the Codex and considering investing in its development to not only bring it to you sooner but also the possibility of various forms/types in regards to material, customization, and more!

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