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Third Codex Newsletter Update

Hey everyone!

It's official!! We will be launching the Codex Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday, August 2nd!! Once we know the official time we will let you know! Everything is just about ready, the only thing left we have to do is make our Campaign video which we will be filming tomorrow!! We would launch sooner but the next two weeks are filled with other matters and we want to give the launch our full and undivided attention.

The team has also been busy for the past couple weeks though, trying to get our reward tier items ready, but we need your input to make a final decision!

You will see our T-shirt designs and we would like to know if you prefer the white shirts, the black shirts or some other kind of colored shirt? If you also have any input on the designs or think something else would look cool, let us know!

Oh and we also included the Coaster Designs as well, these will be 1/4" Laser Etched Coasters with five unique designs based on the puzzles as well!

We cannot WAIT for the launch and hope that all of you will join us in bringing the Codex to life!! Thank you for your continued support!

Regards, The Codex Team

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