Did you ever wish your paper back book would last longer than a decade? Is there a story you love to retell but don't have a way to share it? Get the Allmanac and write directly onto it's pages with a permanent marker and even get the Cover personalized with your very own title!


Or another option is to get our pre-printed Recipe Books! Its the next great gift for your Grandma or Mom, a way for her to pass down her treasured cooking techinques, practices, and secrets while at the same time insuring that it will last multiple generations!

This is Blank Edition of the Recipe Book for those who love their own handwriting and note taking styles that can't quite be captured with technology. We provide either a Black Permanent Marker for Birch Styled Books or a Metallic Silver Permanent Marker for the Walnut Styled ones instead. You'll be able to easily write in your grandma's recipes into the book while at the same time havingmore than enough space to add your own notes and modifications.


This book will also include the option to add your Grandma's name to the Front Cover and your choice out of 5 different page templates (A,B,C,D,E) to compose your book out of. Each page will be double-sided, so if you select A, then it will be A on both sides, etc. etc.



The Allmanac - The Blank Edition


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