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Night Stand © 2022 by Brady Whitney is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Get your hands on the files for this sturdy and simple Night Stand, you can even engrave your initials into the Drawer Face to add that extra bit of Personalization.


Please note that our designs are built with the following parameters in mind, if your machine or material does not match these parameters, you may have some difficulty with assembling your models without making some edits to assemblage of certain parts.


Material Thickness - 18mm Birch Plywood (.708 inches)

NOTE: You can build this file with 6mm thick plywood, you will just have to cut out multiple instances of most parts and glue them together.


Assembly Instructions are NOT included at this time, but I will eventually upload them so you can return to this site and download them from here sooner than later. If you have access to Sketchup or some other CAD freeware, you should be able to look at the 3D model and figure out how the majority of it goes together without too much trouble.


File Types Included:

.f3d (Fusion 360)

.Obj (Object File)

.skp (Sketchup)

.dxf (Universal Line Drawing File - Best for Lasers)

Night Stand (File Download Only)

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