The "Necronomicon - 7 Page Extraordinary" edition of the Codex Silenda is the seven page theme version of our popular mechanical puzzle book. Each page is a mechanical puzzle that must be solved and unlocked in order to open the next page. On the back of each page, a story is revealed.


A harried undergrad working at the Miskatonic University is sent into the cob web filled corner of a basement to retrieve requested artifacts. They accidently discover a Codex of unknown origin. The Codex is not listed in the MU holdings so they spirit it away. Soon strange things begin to occur – dreams of strange lands and creatures forcing them to complete a blasphemous act. An act which comes ever closer with every puzzle solved. Never sure if they are awake or dreaming the only constant is the terror of being chased and not knowing where the destination lies.


Comes with a "Care & Handling Sheet" and a "Snoopy Apprentice's Guide"

"Necronomicon - 7 Page Extraordinary" Themed Codex Silenda

  • Weight: 19lbs 


    Size: 11 1/4" x 10 1/2" x 8" 


    Number of Pages: 7 (Mechanical Iris, Maze, Paradox Sliders, Ven Dais, Merchant's Emporium, Master Keys, and Cryptex Lock)


    Theme: Necronomicon