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Craft your very own Bow & Arrows with your bare hands (and a hammer!) 


Easy to assemble, yet sturdier than most wooden weapons due to it's Birch Plywood construction, these awesome toys fulfill any future warrior princess's or prince's need for a tool when battling that imaginary monster besieging the pillow fort!

DISCLAIMER - These are some serious wooden toys and can lead to pain, discomfort, and injury if not wielded responsibly. A Noble Archer does not shoot to maim or hurt, but simply to defend those whom they love.

(Unassembled Kit) The Bow & Arrows

  • Constructed using 5mm (3/16") and 12mm (1/2") Birch Plywood

    Size - 12" x 24" x 1.25"
    Comes Pre-Stained and Sealed for Maximum Color and Longevity.
    Shipped as a  Flat Packed Laser Cut punch-out

    Small Amount of Assembly Required - Wood Glue and a Hammer are Needed, all other parts are provided.

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