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Current Estimate for Codex Silenda Delivery if Ordered Now

9 to 12 Months

(Updated December 2020)

We recently finished production on our 1st Kickstarter Campaign and have now begun production on our 2nd Kickstarter Campaign, which raised over $700K from over 1,400 Backers!

The purpose of the 2nd Kickstarter was to raise enough Capital in order to vastly increase our Production Capabilities by: hiring new team members (now have 12 full-time employees), relocating to a new facility (in Hudson, WI), and getting bigger & better equipment (namely a new Kern laser).

However, because the crazy demand and the sheer amount of work we have ahead of us, we are only taking Pre-Orders at this time, which is hosted on CrowdOx. When you pre-order, the money will be deducted & added to the total Campaign Fund. Your order will then be added to the Production Queue to be made once the 2nd Kickstarter Campaign is fully completed.

Arcane Concepts Inc.
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Hudson, WI, USA 54016
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