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Codex Silenda

The Codex Silenda is a mechanical Puzzle Book with specialized themed engravings from one of our five unique themes. Each page is a mechanical puzzle that must be solved and unlocked in order to open the next page. On the back of each page, a story is revealed.

Choose from one of five of our unique themes, each with its own stylized engravings and stories, and your own color!

Read more below about our puzzle variations.

CUSTOMIZE the Codex that fits YOUR preferences and budget!

5 Page Options Laid Out (Horizontal).png

2-Page Book

The Minimis 

Starting at $175

The "2 Page Minimis" edition of the Codex Silenda is a two-page, mechanical Puzzle Book. This edition is a smaller, more lightweight version of the Original Codex. Instead of having all of the puzzles, you can get this gorgeous piece at an affordable price!


Choose from one of five our unique themes, each with their own stylized engravings and stories. The first and last pages (Mechanical Iris and Cryptex Lock) are mechanical puzzles while the middle pages are simply engraved pages.


Five or Seven-Page Codex

The Originals

Starting at $275

This is the one that started it all. Featuring all 5 of the Original Codex Puzzles, you'll be delighted to find out that not only can you choose between a Light or Dark Exterior styling, but also change the Accent Colors and even have the option to custom engrave your name onto the very cover itself! We are also offering the 7 Page version now too!

These are GREAT for those who want a relockable challenging series of puzzles for a fantastic price at a quality not commonly found in an industry on the rise. Can you beat the Codex and help the Apprentice of Da Vinci escape the book's pages before the master's return?

Five  Unique Designs

The Themed

Starting at $550

5 Unique Themes, 5 Different Stories,
Same 5 Puzzles.

The Codex is one of the rare products that can honestly fit into almost any genre, category, or setting you put it into. That's why we created 5 unique stories & themed designs that you can choose from to give your Codex an entirely different level of WOW. We are also offering the 7 Page version now too!

These are GREAT for those who NEED a Codex, but also NEED a way to set their book truly apart from the Pack. Choose your Exterior, Theme, and Accent Color, and even Custom engrave your name if you wish, the possibilities are up to you!

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