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Codex Quest |  The Quest Compendium

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The Traditional Size

5 Page Edition

Sticking to the original sizing established by the Codex Silenda, the Traditional Size edition is intended for the everyday puzzler, parent, or tabletop gamer to betwixt their friends, puzzle their foes, and challenge their loved ones with completely resettable puzzles. You can even mix and match the puzzle pages by adding or removing them too!

The Giga Size

5 Page Edition

Not for the faint of heart nor the weak limbed, this behemoth is for those with either LOTS OF SPACE or businesses looking for something new to add to their next big training session or business event. Not only can you reset the puzzles, swap and interchange the pages at will, but you can even have us custom alter the stories, engravings, and anything else you desire to match your specific needs!

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